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Our firm "Karakul Lider" recently celebrated its first 10-year anniversary.
We have started and we continue our activities at the historic home of astrakhan in ancient Bukhara, which requires us to retain and use in our work, along with modern technology, old recipes and traditional techniques of furrier business. We are cooperating with hereditary furriers and heating specialists who not only masters in their job, but they love their job. Characteristic features of our factory are high technological production standards, continuous improvement of product quality implementation of the latest technologies.
Our company has currently designed and developed more than 200 kinds of products. Approximately 60% of the products made ​​of karakul, and 40% - from broadtail. They are: coats and astrakhan broadtail, boa, boleros, ponchos, jackets, coats, vests, jackets, swingers, etc. Prices of products depend on: size and shapes, varieties and quantities of raw materials is used when sewing and how much of fur trim used: mink, Scandinavian, Scandinavian arctic fox and fox. For the manufacture of products using skins of newborn lambs karakul which are not older than three days. The colors: from classic black to gray and all shades of brown (SUR), and, Brown color has more than 500 different shades. The customer may choose its own color.
Our suppliers of astrakhans and broadtail are coming from regions of Uzbekistan: Samarkand, Karshi, Nurata, Zarafshan, Bukhara region, as well as from republic of Turkmenistan. Products are made from whole skins, from the cut skins and pieces, scraps and claws. Astrakhan coats are sewn with standard euro size -110 - 120 sm. All products, even coats, have a low weight from 1 kg to 3 kg. Diverse accessories and some raw materials purchased in Moscow ("Vilteks") and Beijing (China). Accessories are only factory production. Lining made ​​of lining materials produced in Turkey, Russia, matching up the basic tone of fur. You may also order: women\'s and men\'s hats, children\'s products astrakhan and broadtail. In the project of our company is mass-production of male (jackets, vests and jackets) and children\'s products, as well as handbags and karakul fur trim their fur. All these models have been tested, and they can be ordered.
We have a close cooperation with the Moscow designers who come annually to advise and help to develop new models, according to the fashion trends, bring templates for cutting. With their help we have developed interesting and contemporary of the jackets for the young people.
Finished products of our company have successfully participated in fairs in St. Petersburg, in Alma-Ata, in Beijing. We have sales presence in cities such as New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Kazan.
In addition to finished products company also offers supply astrakhans and broadtail, pieces (plates) and quick sets of astrakhan broadtail, astrakhan legs and trim.
All products are certified. Have all the necessary certificates. The products are certified in Moscow as well.
We accept wholesale orders. Our factory has representatives in Moscow in which we are able to  ship the products through them. For wholesale buyers we use our discount system.
We accept individual orders with all the customer requirements with guaranteed delivery or shipment of finished products.

Factory "Karakul Lider"

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Karakul Leader - holds an international Swiss certificate «SIQS».

"Karakul Leader" - winner of the international Swiss certificate «SIQS».
Our firm "Karakul Leader" has won international Swiss certificate «SIQS», handed to us in the summer of 2012.


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